Warrington, England.

Think of this blog as a λ for all the things that I enjoy.

"Victoria concordia crescit”.


I can have a pretty dry/dark sense of humour at times, so if you're offended.. piss off.

There’s so many games that I am now wishing I hadn’t traded in, but then I think that I’d be even more broke ass right now if I hadn’t.. either that or there’d be so many games I hadn’t even got around to playing yet because I couldn’t afford them.

Signing up to Lovefilm sounded like a good idea but now I’m a little tired of Fable 3 and finding it hard to get back into it so as a result I’ve not played on it in like two weeks. I can only get one disc out at a time now, so I either have to send Fable 3 back unfinished, which will result in me regretting it in a couple of weeks.. or play it and finish it now, which I can’t convince myself to do.

Also I own Fallout: New Vegas and L.A. Noire, both of which I am halfway through and haven’t played in (a) month(s). Also own DeadSpace and have done for way over a year, and I’ve never even put it in my Xbox.


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